Materiały Archeologiczne,
tom XXVI, Kraków 1991
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Official Opening of the Session

Session 1

K. Bielenin Frühgeschichtliches Eisenhüttenwesen im Heiligenkreuzgebirge

P. Crew, C. J. Salter Comparative Data from Iron Smelting and Smithing Experiments

G. McDonnell A Model for the Formation of Smithings Slags

M. Senn, W. Fasnacht Experimental Iron Smelting and Smithing Documented by the Department of Prehistory, University of Zurich, Switzerland

H. Svane Rhombic Iron Axes and Axiform Currency Bars from Norway

Session 2

L. E. Englund Early Ironmaking in Kind

J. Piaskowski The Technology of Iron Implements on the Territory of Poland in the Late La Tene and Roman Period (2-1 cent. BC, 5 cent. AD)

C. Rovira, J. Solisa Iron Minery and Metallurgy in the Lower Course of the River Llobregat (N.E. of Spain) during the Iberic and Roman Republican Period

M. Mangin La Sidérurgie Ancienne dans l'Est de la France: Recherches en Cours (1981-1989)

E. Nosek Forging of High Phosporus Iron

Session 3

Ph. Andrieux Introduction a l'Etude thérmique des Elements de Construction des Fourneaux Métallurgiques et de leur Rélation avec les Productions Expérimentales

A. Espelund Towards a Classiffication of Bloomery Practices

A. Anteines Der Geschichte der Rennöfen in Lettland

L. Rozanowa, N. Terechowa Problem of Reconstruction of Ancient Technologies

J. Lang A Dirk from Cyprus

V. Fritz, R. Maddin, J. D. Muhly, T. Stech The Iron from Kinneret

E. Tholander, S. Blogren Some Reflections upon the Occurence of Nickel in Some Ancient Steels Used for Tools

C. Domergue Récentes découvertes aux Matrys (Aude, France): des Fours de Réduction du Fer du 1 er siecle avant J.C.

Contributions not Delivered to the Editor

T. Goslar, M. F. Pazdur Radiocarbon Age of Iron Ore Mine in Rudki, Kielce Voivodship

Ph. Andrieux Préparation et Expérimentation d'un Fourneau Burguonde avec le Professeur Bielenin

Closing of the Session

List of Participants